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Prayers and Blessings

Below please find blessings and prayers that are frequently used during Shabbat and other services. Gaining familiarity with these prayers and blessings will enhance your participation in services. 

Friday Evening Candle Blessing
Tallis Blessing
Chatsi Kaddish
Adonai S'fatai
Avot v'imahot

Torah and Haftorah Brachot/Blessings

Opening Torah Blessing
Closing Torah Blessing
Opening Haftara Blessing
Closing Haftara Blessing
Aleinu V'neemar
Ashrei - Beginning
Ashrei - Ending

High Holy Days Blessings

HHD Avot Audio
HHD Avot 2 Audio
Avot Document-Page 1
Avot Document - Page 2

Chanukah Blessings

Chanukah Favorites





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