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Our Mission

CONGREGATION SHALOM is a Reform Jewish Congregation, representing a liberal interpretation of Judaism, building upon the bedrock of stability established by our founders in 1951.  We are dedicated to the study and teaching of the ethical and spiritual ideals of Judaism and to integrating these ideals into the present day world.

We are dedicated to building a community which affirms God’s existence and to working for the benefit and continuity of the Jewish people and human kind.  We recognize this country’s diversity and will endeavor to be as inclusive as possible so that each member of our community feels comfortable and is provided with an opportunity to embrace the rituals and beliefs of Reform Judaism.

We seek to provide a welcoming environment in which individuals and families are encouraged to engage in the study of Torah, prayer, acts of loving kindness and righteous deeds.  Together we worship God, celebrate Shabbat, sanctify Jewish holidays and observe life-cycle events, in a manner that reflects the flavor and emotion of Jewish tradition and allows the freedom to be creative.

We recognize study as central to the foundation of a strong Jewish identity and to the perpetuation of our Jewish heritage.  We are thus committed to providing a rich educational program for children and adults through our Religious School, Hebrew School, library and other educational programs.

We recognize that the Jewish people look to the Rabbis, Cantors, and Educators for spiritual guidance; therefore, we uphold the creative, spiritual and intellectual freedom of our Rabbis, Cantor, and Educators.

We seek to address contemporary Jewish issues, support the State of Israel, and strive to strengthen the bonds of the worldwide Jewish community.  We also acknowledge that we are part of a greater community, both Jewish and non-Jewish.  We strive to improve life within the broader community and promote better understanding and tolerance among its members.  Our endeavors in this regard reinforce our faith in the one God of all humanity who offers us the strength to uplift the plight of those less fortunate.  We are committed to the ideal of tikun olam.

CONGREGATION SHALOM shall always be a sanctuary of warmth, comfort and spirituality.

 Our History

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