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Meet Rabbi Noah Chertkoff, Congregation Shalom's Senior Rabbi. 

A Message from Rabbi Noah
February 14, 2018

During moments of national tragedy that seem to occur with growing frequency we turn to sources of comfort. We are all in need of comfort today. However, the more these events take place; the more clergy are called upon to deliver comforting words, then the more these words will ring hollow and trite.

I love our community, our nation and our common humanity. I love my children and your children and the children of people who I have never met. I love my neighbor, not just because I'm obligated by our tradition to do so, I love them because in their faces I see a reflection of the divine. It's because I love my neighbor that I am compelled to not only offer comforting words. In fact there would be little difference from what I wrote after the Las Vegas shooting or the mass tragedies that occurred before.

We must all take meaningful action to stem the seemingly insurmountable epidemic of mass shootings that has stricken our nation. We have many responsible gun owners in our congregation. We also have many who would never touch a gun let alone condone its use. I know that all of you are united in viewing the events in Florida with horror. I'm certain that all of you agree that these senseless tragedies tear at the fabric of our society and our common humanity.

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