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Hebrew Resources

Learning Hebrew is a key component of our curriculum at Congregation Shalom.  It begins in our youngest grades with Hebrew Through Movement and attendance at our weekly Sunday School service.  Starting in 3rd grade, students attend an additional class each week focused on decoding and reading the Hebrew letters and vowels as well as a focus on the prayers they will need to know for their B-Mitzvah service.  Below are resources sorted by level for each grade.

Hebrew Through Movement

Starting in K4 and continuing through 7th grade, our students participate in Hebrew Through Movement, a program that introduces modern Hebrew in a playful and meaningful way.  Students learn basic Hebrew action words and get to move their bodies while expanding their basic Hebrew vocabulary.

On the right is a list of basic Hebrew Through Movement words our students learn towards the beginning of the year.  You can ask them to demonstrate if they remember each of them from class!

Hebrew Transliteration Meaning
לקום lakoom Stand Up
לשבת lashevet Sit Down
ללכת lalechet Walk
לעצור la'atzor Stop
לרוץ larootz Run
לקפוץ leek'fotz Jump
להסתובב l'heestovev Spin


3rd-6th Grade Hebrew

Each grade from 3rd-6th focuses on a certain set of prayers.  The goal for each prayer is to be able to read and understand the general meaning of the prayer.  In younger grades, students may memorize the prayers as they continue to work towards mastering the Aleph Bet, then will become more fluent readers in older grades.  Below is a chart of prayers each grade works on mastering.  Bolded prayers are usually part of the B'nai Mitzvah Service.  Clicking on the prayer will bring you to a recording or a 'prayer-eoke' version of that prayer (when available).

Additionally, this website has interactive versions of each prayer where you can click on a word to hear it being read.

5th Grade (Gimmel)

Chatzi Kaddish
Ma'ariv Aravim
Torah Blessings (Before and After)
Avinu Malkeinu


6th Grade (Dalet)

Haftarah Blessings (Before and After)
Mourners Kaddish
Tallit Blessing
Havdalah Blessings
Torah Service
Kol Nidre


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