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Yahrzeit Plaques

On the Yahrzeit of a loved one, it’s important for those who are living reflect on the individual who has passed away. At home, the Yahrzeit is observed by lighting a candle that burns for 24 hours.

The synagogue helps to ensure that you are aware that the Yahrzeit of a loved one is coming up. About two weeks prior to the Yahrzeit, you will receive a letter from the congregation reminding you that the Yahrzeit is coming up. The letter also explains when the person’s name will be read during weekday minyan and at Shabbat services. In addition, if the person has a Yahrzeit plaque in the Chapel, it is displayed in the sanctuary during the week of the person’s passing. Yahrzeit plaques typically contain the person’s name, date of birth and date of death. To purchase a Plaque, click here and complete the online order form. If you have questions about purchasing a Yahrzeit Plaque, please contact Andrea in the Rabbi’s office at (414) 352-9288 117 or The cost of a plaque is $540.

These plaques are displayed in the Chapel, throughout the year. 

During the week of your loved one’s Yarhzeitthe plaque is moved to Samson Sanctuary where the name of your loved one is displayed on the back wall of the Sanctuary. Your loved one is honored and remembered by all who worship in the sanctuary that week.   



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