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Memorial Scrolls Trust

In a brave effort to subvert Nazi annihilation, workers in the Jewish Museum in Prague rescued 1,564 scrolls from destruction in 1942. Tenderly handled, meticulously restored, and painstakingly preserved, these scrolls stand as a remarkable tribute to the Jewish ability to survive, revive and regenerate.

Although many Jewish lives were lost, the continuation of Jewish culture, tradition, and memory lives on through the preservation of the Czech scrolls. Congregation Shalom is fortunate to be one of 1,000 synagogues throughout the world to house a Czech scroll. Their presence encourages us to engage with our own Judaism, recognize and confront hatred in our own society, and continue our story to future generations.

Torah Scroll number MST#477 is from the Pinkas Synagogue in Prague, and is loaned to Congregation Shalom through the generosity of the Memorial Scrolls Trust. More information about the Czech scrolls and the Memorial Scrolls Trust can be found at

Mon, July 4 2022 5 Tammuz 5782