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Sustaining Needs: Gifts that are Used Today to Address Immediate Needs

Sustaining Needs represent the essential areas of synagogue operations that are not covered by Annual Commitment. Because Annual Commitment only covers 70% of the synagogue’s expenses, we rely upon your generosity beyond Annual Commitment to support our many worship opportunities, programs and activities, opportunities to study and learn, and to meet our capital needs. There are a number of ways to make a sustaining (unrestricted) gift to Congregation Shalom.

The Jerry and Selma Shlensky Greatest Need Fund

An unrestricted fund whose purpose is to support Congregation Shalom in any area where a need exists. Click here to fill out the online form.

Direct, Unrestricted Contribution to Congregation Shalom

This type of donation would not be directed to a particular fund or purpose so that Congregation Shalom can utilize these contributions to address pressing needs. Click here to contact Linda Holifield.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Along with the many programs and activities that Congregation Shalom offers, there are many sponsorship opportunities available. Perhaps there is a particular program that you enjoy and wish to support. We encourage you to think about underwriting these programs to ensure that they will continue. Click here to contact Linda Holifield.

Capital Projects

When thinking about sustaining needs, we also need to consider capital projects. Ours is a beautiful but aging building. We are committed to ensuring that our sacred space is uplifting and comforting.  Building needs range from replacing the roof to replacing worn carpet. Contributions to meet building needs are very important. Click here to contact Linda Holifield.

Sat, November 26 2022 2 Kislev 5783