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Family Education Video Library

Unit 1: Sukkot & Simchat Torah

Unit 2: Kedusha - Holiness in the Home

Unit 3: Holiness in Time

Unit 4: Blessings - Holiness in Gratitude

Unit 5: Hanukkah


Unit 9: Israel

Click Here for the Unit 9 Description & Discussion Starter Document.

Tikkun Olam: Tzedakah Suggestion, Donate to Magen David Adom

Hands On Activity 1: Map of Israel

Video from our Shin Shin, Noam R. coming soon!!

Hands on Activity 2: Golda Meir's Cookies

Video from Mandy W. coming soon!!

Hands on Activity 3: Reading Room For Rent, by Leah Goldberg

Hands On Activity 4: Watercolor of Jerusalem with Adria W.

Video Coming Soon!

Guiding Texts & Ideas

Unit 8: Passover

Unit 7: Purim

Unit 6: Tu Bishvat

Click Here for the Unit 6 Description & Discussion Starter Document.

Bonus Content: JKids Radio Tu Bishvat Concert


Hands On Activity 1: Gratitude Tree Project with Mrs. Hammel

Click Here for the instructions.

Hands On Activity 2: Tu Bishvat Seder with Rabbi Rachel

Click Here for the Hagaddah (Seder Text).

Tikkun Olam Component: Make Your Own Compost!

Tikkun Olam Component: Ecology Checklist with Mrs. Susie Rosengarten!

Click Here For the Tikkun Olam Ecology Checklist

Recipe #1: Baked Apples with Mrs. Shlensky

Click Here for the Baked Apples Recipe.

Recipe #2: Dipped Fruit with Mrs. Shovers Vineburg

Click Here for the Dipped Fruit Recipe.


Unit 6 Resources:

Reform Judaism's Tu Bishvat Page

My Jewish Learning's Tu Bishvat Page

Hazon Tu Bishvat Resources

Bim Bam Tu Bishvat Video Library

Honi the Circle Maker Video


Unit 5: Hanukkah

Click Here for the Unit 5 Description & Discussion Starter Document.

How to Light the Hanukkiah.

Enjoy this video from Rabbi Noah & Cantor Perper, reminding you how to light your Hanukkiah.

Tzedakah Project: Mitzvah Menorah.

Click Here to learn more about our congregational Mitzvah Menorah project.

Video Coming Soon.

Hands On Activity 1: Parsley Planter with Mandy

Hands On Activity 2: The Hanukkah Bear book by Eric Kimmel ready by Rabbi Rachel

Hands on Activity 3: Sweet Edible Dreidels with Mrs. Hammel

Recipe #1: Latkes

Click Here for this kid-friendly latke recipe.

Watch this video, "How to Make the Perfect Latkes" from Nosher!

Recipe #2: Easy Sufganiyot with Abby

Click Here for this easy recipe.

Click here for a more involved recipe.


Guiding Texts & Resources for Unit 5:

Reform Judaism's Hanukkah Page

My Jewish Learning's Hanukkah Page

More Hanukkah Videos:

Shalom Sesame Video 1

Shalom Sesame Video 2

Bim Bam Hanukkah Video Library

How to Play Dreidel

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Unit 4: Blessings - Holiness in Gratitude

Click Here for the Unit 4 Description & Discussion Starter Document.

Tzedakah Project - Food Pantry Blessings Challenge.  

See how many items from each of the food blessings categories you can donate to the Hunger Task Force (be sure to call ahead, and see exactly what they're accepting)!

Hands on Component #1: Blessings Photo Scavenger Hunt

Using the Blessings Guide, see how many blessings your family can say this week.  Take a picture of each item/moment that caused you to say the blessing!

Hands on Component #2: Bedtime Shema Pillow Case with Mrs. Hammel & Bedtime Shema Video with Ms. Wendy & Rabbi Rachel



Recipe #1: Rainbow Fruit Salad (Borei P'ri Ha'etz) with Mrs. Amber Franklin

Click Here for the recipe.


Recipe #2a & 2b - Rugelach 2 Ways with Mandy (Borei Minei M'zonot)

Click Here for the 2 Ingredient Rugelach recipe.

Click Here for the traditional Rugelach recipe.



Recipes 3 & 4 - Carrot Salad with Mrs. Sari & Adam Vineburg & Israeli Salad with Mrs. Julie Shlensky (Borei P'ri Ha'adamah) 

Click Here for the Carrot Salad recipe.

Click Here for the Israeli Salad recipe.



Guiding Texts & Resources for Unit 4:

Texts from the Talmud on Blessings

Blessings Guide

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Unit 3: Shabbat - Holiness in Time

Click Here for the Unit 3 Description & Discussion Starter Document.


Tzedakah Project - paint a ceramic family tzedakah box & pick a meaningful organization(s) to donate your tzedakah money each week.

Tzedakah Box Painting with Mandy

Click here for a list of organizations to which you might consider donating your tzedakah money.

Recipe: Bake a challah with Rabbi Rachel

Click Here for the Recipe

Part 1 -- Making the Dough

Part 2 -- Shaping & Baking the Challah

Here's the finished product:

And, a picture of 2 loaves all ready for Shabbos!

Hands On Component -- Create & Use A Havdalah Set

Learn all about Havdalah with Mrs. Amber Franklin!

Guiding Texts & Resources for Unit 3

Biblical & Spiritual Shabbat Texts

How To: Shabbat Home Blessings Texts & Explanations

How To: Shabbat Home Blessings Video

Bim Bam/Shaboom Shabbat Video Series

Why do we give tzedakah before Shabbat?

What is a tzedakah box?

Tzedakah Video for Parents: What is Tzedakah?

Tzedakah Cartoon Video

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Unit 2: Kedusha - Holiness in the Home - Weeks of 10/11-10/25

Click Here for the Unit 2 Description & Discussion Starter Document.


School-Wide Tzedakah Project - Welcome Baskets For Acts Housing


Our school will be making Welcome Baskets for Acts Housing.  These baskets are gifted to first time home owners!  Our goal is to make at least 1 basket per family education group/class.   

Click Here for a list of of items needed for each basket.

Have You Ever Heard of Acts Housing?

Homeless to Homeowner, Christina's Story

Homeowners of the Year - The Alexander Family

Hands On Activity 1 - Kedusha Bears & Scavenger Hunt with Mandy Wienke

Using the small t-shirt, tie dye materials, permanent markes and Hebrew stencils, (and whatever else you have at home), each family can create a t-shirt for their Kedusha Teddy Bear.  Once it's completed, place your teddy bear in the window, so that your group can have a scavenger hunt through Milwaukee looking for these special bears!  Click below to view a video explanation of this activity.


Hands On Activity 2 - Creating a Family Kedusha (Holiness) Brit (special promise) with Mrs. Shovers Vineburg

As a family, you'll create a Kedusha Brit, talking about how you can bring Kedusha into your home and your family.  Then you'll draw a picture, symbolizing that brit.  We'll use the symbol in next week's project!


Hands On Activity 3 - Mezuzah Decorating with Mrs. Rosengarten

Now that your family has decided on a symbol to help you remember your brit, you'll draw that symbol on the back of your klaf (please note that this klaf wasn't handwritten by a scribe, and is therefore technically not kosher).  Then, you'll use the materials from your kit to construct and decorate your mezuzah.  Make sure to hang it somewhere in your home that will remind each member of your family to uphold your family kedusha brit.


Family Recipes

For this unit, we thought we'd share some of our family recipes.  These recipes, in and of themselves certainly don't contain kedusha (holiness).  Rather, they've become holy over time, because of the memories associated with each of them.  What are the holy recipes in your family?

Mrs. Shlensky's Potato Kugel

Click here for the recipe.

Mrs. Rosengarten's Baubie's Mandel Bread

Click here for the recipe.

Super Bubbie Dorothy's (z"l) Chicken Soup

Click here for a link to the recipe.

Guiding Texts and Resources for Unit 2:

What is Holiness?  Torah illustrates one example, using Moses & the Burning Bush:

What's a Brit?

Mezuzah Resources:

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Unit 1: Sukkot & Simchat Torah - Week of 10/4

Click Here for the Unit 1 Description & Discussion Starter Document.

Tikkun Olam Opportunity - Apple Picking with Mrs. Hammel

Here are links to some wonderful apple orchards: Barthels, Peck and Bushel, Jelli's Market.

Here are links to a few wonderful places to donate your apples -- call ahead to make sure that they'll accept your apple donation: Jewish Community Pantry , MKE Community Fridge

Hands on Activity-Sukkot Decorations With Rabbi Rachel


Recipe - Candy Apples for Simchat Torah with Rabbi Rachel

Click Here for the Candy Apple Recipe. 

Guiding Texts & Resources for Sukkot & Simchat Torah:

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