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Privileges of Membership

Contact us today to become part of our vibrant and caring community! 

Your membership at Congregation Shalom provides you with the following privileges:

  • Attendance at temple programs and services including worship on the High Holy Days.

  • Enrollment for members' school-age children in the Religious School, Hebrew School, and Youth Groups (subject to established material and book fees).

The right to:

  • call upon our rabbinic staff to officiate at life cycle events relating to births, weddings, and funerals. The life cycle services of our rabbis and cantor are available only to members of the congregation and their immediate families for:

  • marriage ceremony for member or members’ child. In addition, the newly married child receives a complimentary one-year membership to Congregation Shalom.  Conducting a second marriage ceremony would be dependent on the child's own congregational affiliation, in keeping with the Jewish tradition that marriage emancipates the child and requires assuming responsibility for joining a temple.

  • rabbinical participation in Brit Milah and naming of members' children. This does not extend to grandchildren, because it is the parents who have the historic obligation to bring children into the House of Israel through their own commitment to a temple.

  • funeral services for member, spouses/partners, parents and children.

  • meetings with members to discuss gravestone ceremonial dedications. (Gravestone dedications are family occasions that do not require a rabbi to officiate. However, a rabbi will meet with members to discuss the ceremony and will participate in the service, if requested.)

  • your children becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, subject to fulfilling the requirements. This privilege extends also to adult Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.

  • call on the rabbinic staff for pastoral counseling, hospital visitation, etc.

  • vote in congregational elections

  • use the temple library

  • The opportunity to be called to the bima for appropriate religious honors, including candle lighting and Torah blessings.

  • Receipt of the monthly congregational newsletter and the weekly email blast.


Frequently Asked Questions About Joining


How Do I Become A Member of Congregation Shalom? What is the Process?
We hope you will join our community! Linda Holifield, Executive Director is happy to speak with you regarding membership. Contact her by email at or by phone at (414) 352-9288 for more information and a membership packet. Once you have completed and submitted the membership forms, you are considered a temple member.

How Can I Meet Congregation Shalom's Clergy?
We encourage you to get to know our Rabbis and Cantor by attending Shabbat services. You may also arrange a private appointment with any of our clergy by calling the Temple.

We are an Interfaith Couple. If we join, will we be welcome at Congregation Shalom?
Yes, all family members are warmly welcomed at Congregation Shalom. We encourage members to attend services and participate in programs as a family so that the family unit can become closer and understand Jewish history, traditions and culture. When a family joins Congregation Shalom all immediate family members are considered full members. All non-Jewish spouses/partners are welcomed and encouraged to participate in programs. Congregation Shalom has many interfaith couples/families. Our goal is to welcome and include all members regardless of their religious upbringing.

Will I be able to Participate in Services if I Don't Read Hebrew?
The prayer books are written for all levels of understanding. The text is written in three types of wording: Hebrew, English transliteration, and English. Throughout the service our Rabbis and Cantor guide the congregation through the prayer book so that the congregant may follow the service in wording that is most comfortable to the individual. We offer Adult Education Classes in Hebrew if you would like to expand your knowledge.

How Can I Get Involved?
If you are looking to become active in synagogue life, Congregation Shalom has much to offer. One of the best ways to get involved is to join a committee. Committees offer a way to meet other congregants with similar interests while working on projects and activities that further the work of the synagogue. When you first become a member or at any other time, we can discuss the programs, groups and classes that interest you. We encourage you to become an active member in our warm and welcoming community. 

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Why Should I Join?
At Congregation Shalom we support one another with a caring community and a culture of inclusiveness. We have weekly worship opportunities, adult education, religious school for children, youth groups, and many other activities. Not only are there many opportunities to meet others with like interests, but there is an environment of warmth that makes us not only a special congregation, but a true community.

Why Should I Join Now? My Child is Too Young for Religious School
Being part of the synagogue community enriches each of us. At Congregation Shalom, we provide ongoing opportunities to study, experience, and enjoy being connected to one another. We also have special programming and reduced annual commitment levels for young families. 

What If We Are Experiencing a Financial Hardship?
No one will be denied membership due to financial circumstances. All Jews, or those with Jewish spouses or partners, are welcome to become members. Individuals and families who have questions about our Annual Commitment schedule may work with our Executive Director to arrange for a mutually agreeable commitment of support.

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